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Exterior Projection Performing Arts 2024

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Subsidies to support the activities of external projection of the performing arts of the Balearic Islands for the year 2024

€ 340,000

Contribute to the external projection of the performing arts of the Balearic Islands of a professional nature for the activities corresponding to the period between September 16, 2023 and November 30, 2024, with the purpose of promoting exchange and the cultural relationship between the islands and between the Balearic Islands and the outside world

1. Lines: Mobility and External promotion


- Individuals (creators, producers, distributors or cultural agents)
- Associations, property communities and other non-profit legal entities in the field of performing arts
- Island councils, local entities and public sector entities

Projects that are subsidized
1. Travel and stay:
1.1 of the company (artistic and technical staff): to attend professional fairs or festivals outside the island of residence, with live performance or to carry out promotional activities, and to perform live in the professional field outside of the island of residence
1.2 of distributors, producers and cultural agents: to attend professional fairs or festivals with professional activities outside the island of residence.
1.3 of professionals in the field of performing arts: to participate in training stays and creative residencies, in competitions and castings outside the island of residence.
1.4 travel of programmers or cultural agents (with a maximum of three per application) to the artist's reference island.

Covered expenses 
The costs of relocation and accommodation:
- Travel of cargo and artistic staff, representatives of artists and other cultural agents (producers, distributors, etc.) and a maximum of two professionals with a technical profile (lighting technicians, sound technicians, councilors, etc. .) Trips include plane, boat, train and / or bus tickets for travel, as long as they can be justified with invoices.
- Accommodation: to be justified with invoices.
- Rental of vehicles for travel.
- Mileage: maximum price of 0,262384 euros per kilometer (petrol and tolls are included in the price of mileage). The application must specify the specific route to be followed (origin-destination of each route).
- Cost of accreditations (fairs, markets and professional conferences) or registration for courses (non-regulated education officers) and masterclasses. Max. 2 people. Max. 350 € / pers.


Self-employed professionals and companies in the field of the performing arts, regardless of their tax residence, as long as they organize activities with professionals from the Balearic Islands.

Projects that are subsidized
i) Mobility expenses (see maximum mobility amounts table)

ii) External projection costs:
- Expenses for hiring services and staff related to:
- Production of project presentations.
- Live performances in the professional field outside the island of residence of the artist or company.
- Live performances at trade fairs or professional festivals outside the island of residence of the artist or company.
- Rehearsals for performances linked to a tour.
- Tours on national and international circuits.
- Production of graphic or audiovisual material associated with external promotion, regardless of its support.
- Production of promotional graphic material in any format and support.
- Translation of texts and production of files for subtitling.

Covered expenses
For the activities in section i), mobility, mobility expenses are included (see maximum mobility amounts table)

For the activities of section ii), of external promotion, the following expenses are included:
- Contracting of professional, artistic and technical services, linked to production and communication.
- Payrolls of own workers, provided that they are included in the budget attached to the application. This expenditure may not exceed 70% of the total cost of the project.
- Production of graphic material (writing, design, translation and editing) and audiovisual (pre-production, recording, editing and post-production) for the promotion of the artist, the company and / or the show, regardless of their support.
- Costs of digital dissemination of promotional material.
- Creation and / or updating of web pages with contents linked to companies and / or professionals of the performing arts of the Balearic Islands.
- Rental of equipment.
- Rental of stands at professional fairs.

2. Maximum amount per applicant: € 25.000 

3. Deadline for submitting applications

The submission period opens on March 15, 2023, and closes on September 15, 2023.
No application will be accepted after the deadline indicated.

The assessment commissions will normally meet twice per call:
First cut: Applications received between March 1 and April 30, 2024
Second cut: Applications received between May 1 and September 15, 2024

4. Submission of applications to the registry

Foreign beneficiaries must submit paper applications to the IEB Registry by administrative mail.

Submission deadline: March 1 to September 15, 2024

Applications must be formalized with the established models, available at the CAIB Electronic Office and on the web, and must be duly completed in the manner established in article 16 of Law 39/ 2015. It is advisable to fill in the annexes of the call with a word processor.

The submission of documentation electronically is mandatory for all legal entities with tax residence in Spain (companies, cooperatives, civil societies, associations and foundations).

The electronic way is also preferred for physical persons (individuals, persons registered in the special regime of self-employed workers and communities of property). Nevertheless, natural persons can also submit documentation in person at the IEB Registry (Ca n'Oleo - carrer de l'Almudaina, 4, 07001 Palma), at any official registry or by administrative mail.

Beneficiaries who have to use the electronic register must have a digital certificate or e-DNI, Cl@ve user and Autofirma.

5. Term of execution of the actions and payment of the expenses
The subsidized activity must be carried out between September 16, 2023 and November 30, 2024, at the latest. Invoices must be issued and paid prior to the end of the justification period.

6. Obligations of the beneficiaries
The support of the IEB must be stated in all the programs, posters and propaganda and communication elements of the activity through the IEB logo and the Conselleria de Turisme, Cultura i Esports logo (Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports logo), available on our website.

The performance of any public event related to the subsidized activity must be communicated.

7. Justification
— Deadline: Twenty working days from the day after the end of the execution period or from the day following the publication of the granting resolution, if the subsidized activity has already been carried out.

— Submission of justification: by administrative mail or courier. Address: Ca n'Oleo. C. de l'Almudaina, 4. 07001 Palma (Spain).

— Documentation:
• Annex 8 filled out and signed
• Supporting financial report (following the model). This supporting financial report must also be sent to in digital format as a spreadsheet.
• Copies of invoices and proofs of payment.
• If applicable, two (2) copies of the graphic and / or audiovisual materials published on the occasion of the subsidized activity, with the IEB logo of the Conselleria de Turisme, Cultura i Esports (Council of Tourism, Culture and Sports).

8. Payment
— The payment of the aid is made effective, in general, in a single payment, which will be made once the fulfillment of the purpose for which the subsidy has been granted has been accredited and once the realization of the subsidized activity in the terms of this call.

— For grants awarded from the amount of € 2.000, the payment of aid must be made from the date on which the grant is definitively resolved, in two payments:

a) A first payment of the subsidy of 50% of the amount granted, which will be made in advance by bank transfer, in advance, once the award decision has been published.
b) A second payment of the remaining 50% of the amount granted, once the activity has ended and the whole project or activity has been justified with the documentation required by this call. This payment will be made by bank transfer, which must be made once the fulfillment of the purpose for which the subsidy has been granted has been proven and once the carrying out of the subsidized activity has been justified in terms of 'this call.


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