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Call 2022


Submission of applications from June 20 to July 15. (TERM CLOSED)

1. Budget

The credit assigned to this call is €100,000 (one hundred thousand euros).

2. Object and purpose

The purpose of this call is to approve the call for subsidies to support artistic creation centers established in the territory of the Balearic Islands during the year 2022.

The creation centers aim to accompany artists in artistic research, creation and production within the fields of performing arts, music, visual and audiovisual arts and literature.

The centers must have a suitable physical space located in the Balearic Islands suitable for artistic residences that offers the necessary material and technical resources for creation, and that have a program of activities to encourage creation and production in the various stages of the process, as well as exchange programs and foreign projection.

3. Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries of the subsidies are companies or entities that are professionally dedicated to the management of a space that promotes creation, training of artists, research or artistic production in the fields of performing arts, music, visual arts, audiovisual, literature and projects multidisciplinary.

Creation centers must meet the following characteristics:

— The activities carried out in the creation centers must be related to artistic research, experimentation, training, creation, production, dissemination or exhibition.

— The centers must have a suitable physical space in the Balearic Islands for the correct development of projects.

— The centers must provide an adequate space for the lodging of the artists during the creative residencies.

— The center must offer accompaniment and professional advice to the artists during their stay.

— The center's activities must be wholly professional in nature.

4. Eligible expenses

— The expenses of activities carried out in the creation center.

— The cost of renting the premises of the creation centre.

— The general expenses of the center (electricity supply, water and telephone and internet services).

— Communication, promotion and publicity expenses of the creation centre.

— The transport of the artists to the Balearic Islands. The displacement includes the trip to the center of creation and the trip back from it. Tourist class tickets are only accepted with a maximum of €150 per person per trip on domestic flights, €350 for flights to Europe and the Canary Islands and €800 for flights outside Europe.

— The expenses caused by the implementation of virtual aspects: adaptation to platforms and digital media; Hiring professional staff (streaming camera technicians, health security specialists, etc.)

— The payroll of workers, registered in the general Social Security scheme, and the cost of Social Security charged to the company, up to a maximum amount equivalent to 20% of eligible expenses.

— The costs of adapting to the COVID-19 reality: adaptation to digital platforms and media; hiring professional staff (streaming camera technicians, health security specialists, etc.); specific training for adaptation to COVID-19. Expenses derived from essential COVID tests to make the trip are also included.

5. Amount

The maximum amount of this call that can be awarded to each applicant is €30,000.

6. Assessment

The projects presented will be graded based on the scores that appear in point 11 of the call. The general points included are:

• General programming (from 0 to 20 points)

• Exhibition (from 0 to 10 points)

• Potential for external projection (from 0 to 15 points)

• Cultural and artistic interest of the project (from 0 to 20 points)

• History (from 0 to 10 points)

• Sustainability (from 0 to 10 points)

• Gender equality (from 0 to 5 points)

• Impact of the project in the artistic sector to which it is directed and social impact (5 points)

• Catalan (from 0 to 5 points)

• Call for the Creation of the IEB (5 additional points)

• Formentera (5 additional points)

Maximum score: 100 points.

The minimum score to obtain a grant will be 40 points. A rating of 1 point corresponds to 0.8% of the eligible amount, which increases gradually to 80%, which corresponds to 100 points.

7. Deadline for submitting applications

The deadline for submitting applications, addressed to the IEB, begins the day after the call is published in the BOIB and will remain open for 20 business days, that is from 20 June to 15 July.

8. Documentation to submit to apply for the grant (see point 8 of the call)

The original application document must be submitted using the standardized model (Annex 2), completed and signed, and must be accompanied by the following documentation:

a) The supporting documentation of the physical or legal personality

b) Annex 3

c) If applicable, the request for authorization to spend with related persons or entities (Annex 4).

d) A descriptive and detailed memory of the project with the sections detailed in the assessment criteria.

e) The detailed budget of the project.

f) Sponsorship and financing plan for the event.

g) Proof that the person or entity receiving the aid is the holder of the bank account provided.

9. Presentation of applications

Applications for grants for all IEB calls must be submitted through the Registro Electrónico Común (REC). You can access it by clicking this link.

The presentation of documentation electronically is mandatory for all legal persons with tax residence in Spain (companies, cooperatives, civil societies, associations and foundations), and recommended for natural persons (individuals, persons registered in the special regime of self-employed workers and communities of assets).

For more information, write us at:

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