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Fairs and festivals

Subsidies to support fairs, festivals, concert series, meetings, conferences and awards in the world of culture that promote external projection and are carried out in the territory of the Balearic Islands for the year 2024

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1. Budget

The credit assigned to this call is 1.150.000 €.

2. Object and purpose

The purpose of this call is to support fairs, festivals, concert cicles, meetings, conferences and awards in the world of culture that promote external projection and take place in the territory of the Balearic Islands for the year 2024.

3. Lines

The following subsidy lines are established:

A. Companies and freelancers.

B. Non-profit associations and entities.

Each line has the following modes:

a) Music

b) Audiovisual

c) Performing arts

d) Multidisciplinary projects

e) Visual arts

f) Literature, comics and illustration

g) Culture and/or science conferences and meetings

h) Prizes and contests in the field of culture

i) Concert series by professional orchestras and lyrical season

To be eligible for a subsidy, the events must have at least 30% of artists and cultural agents from the Balearic Islands scheduled and that these artists get paid.

In the case of events in the audiovisual field, they must have at least two works from the Balearic Islands scheduled and guarantee the presence of Balearic professionals from the audiovisual sector within the framework of the professional activities and that these professionals are paid.

4. Beneficiaries

a) For line A of companies and self-employed persons.

Beneficiaries of the subsidies are natural persons registered in the self-employed regime and legal persons in the sectors of performing arts, visual arts, literature, thought, comics and illustration, music and the audiovisual, that can carry out the projects or activities that are in the situation that motivates the granting of the subsidy.

Beneficiaries must be registered in the tax census and/or business activity tax (IAE) under headings linked to the cultural sector or they must have as their corporate object the development of professional activities in the cultural sector.

b) For line B of non-profit associations and entities.

Beneficiaries of the subsidies are legal entities in the sectors of the performing arts, visual arts, literature, thought, comics and illustration, music and audiovisual, digital and interactive arts that can carry out the projects or the activities that are in the situation that motivates the granting of the grant.

5. Eligible expenses

Up to 100% of programming expenses for hiring artists and creators from the Balearic Islands. Up to 20% of the costs of hiring artists and creators from outside the Balearic Islands.

Up to 80% of production and communication costs.

Up to 100% of the costs of organizing professional conferences.

6. Amount

The maximum amount of this call that can be awarded to each applicant is as follows:

a) For line A, for companies and self-employed persons: 75.000€ (seventy-five thousand euros) per beneficiary.
b) For line B, of associations and non-profit entities: 42.000€ (forty-two thousand euros) per beneficiary.
With the exception of fairs, which can obtain up to 90.000€ (ninety thousand euros) as long as they demonstrate that they meet the following requirements:

- Have a commercial purpose, carried out in spaces equipped for this purpose during a specific and limited period (generally between 4 and 7 days).
- Have a minimum of 50 participating programmers and distributors. (The list of professionals from the current edition or, if it is not yet complete, that of the previous edition must be attached).
- Have a minimum of 100 credits
- Favor the dissemination and promotion of contacts and commercial exchanges between Balearic artists and invited professionals, with a balance between supply and demand.

c) In the case of requests for modes G and H, the maximum amount that can be granted is 18.000€.

7. Valuation

The selection of the beneficiaries must be done through the competition procedure. The projects presented will be graded based on the scores listed in the evaluation tables. The general points included are:

     a) General programming (from 0 to 20 points).
     b) Professional program (from 0 to 10 points).
     c) External projection potential (from 0 to 10 points).
     d) Cultural and artistic interest of the project (from 0 to 20 points)
     e) Seniority (from 0 to 5 points).
     f) Economic viability (from 0 to 5 points).
     g) Sustainability (from 0 to 10 points).
     h) Gender equality (from 0 to 5 points).
     i) Social impact (5 points).
     j) Catalan (from 0 to 10 points).
     k) Creation/Fira B! (5 additional points).
     l) Formentera (5 additional points).

Maximum score: 100 points.

Regarding projects that present the audited justification in accordance with point 20.4., it is expected that 5 additional points can be added, provided that a responsible declaration is presented. In the event that the event does not ultimately present it, the amount awarded will be reduced by 10%.

Files that receive a score of less than 50 points will be denied.

In the case of files that exceed 80 points, the amount of the subsidy is calculated as follows: A grade of 1 point corresponds to 0.8% of the eligible amount, which gradually increases to 80%, which corresponds at 100 points.

In the case of files with less than 80 points, it will be calculated in the same way as the previous section but a reduction will be applied proportional to the remaining credit in each of the lines.

8. Documentation to be submitted to apply for the subsidy

The original application document must be submitted using the standard form (annex 2), completed and signed, and must be accompanied by the following documentation:

a) Documentation proving physical or legal personality

b) Annex 3

c) If applicable, the request for authorization to make expenses with related persons or entities (annex 4).

d) A descriptive and detailed report of the project with the sections detailed in the assessment criteria.

e) The detailed budget of the project, following the downloadable model.

f) Sponsorship and financing plan for the event.

g) The accreditation that the person or entity beneficiary of the aid is the owner of the bank account provided.

9. Application submission deadline

The deadline to submit applications is from March 1 to March 31, 2024.

10. Submission of applications

Applications can be submitted in the following ways:
a) In the electronic headquarters of the CAIB, mandatory for legal entities.
b) In the IEB register or in the registers and offices provided for in article 16 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations. Only for individuals.

11. Justification (see point 20 of the call)

The period to justify the subsidy ends within 20 business days after carrying out the activity that is the subject of the subsidy. If on this date the concession Resolution has not yet been published in the BOIB, it is understood that the justification will be made within 20 business days following this publication.

The justification of the subsidized activity must be carried out with the presentation of the supporting account through the standardized model (Annex 7), with the following documentation:

a) A record of the performance of the activity

b) A justifying financial report

c) Invoices

d) Receipts of payment

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